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I'll never be one of your students. Because, you can't even see me as a child!

—Yuki Hitara, to her father

Yuki Hitara
Yuki Hitara
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Killed by Herself
Occupation Starlet (Former)
Family Idaki Hitara (Father)
Mother (Deceased)
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 34

Yuki Hitara is the daughter of Idaki Hitara. Before the Great Tokyo Earthquake, Yuki was an actress, but she was seriously disfigured during the earthquake.


Yuki's mother died giving birth to her.

Sometime in the past, Yuki, dreaming of becoming an actress, appeared in a television ad. Later, her future goals were destroyed by the Great Tokyo Earthquake.

Yuki thought that her father hated her because her mother died after giving birth to her and secretly believed that he blamed her for everything. She constantly yelled at her father not to look at her with "cold eyes". When Hitara was taking care of her in a shelter after the quake, she lost her temper and stuck a fork in her father's eye. Hitara remained calm and repeated for her to eat. Yuki started to question her existence and said that she can't even be his child. Hitara walked away and Yuki committed suicide by setting her sheets on fire.

The fire eventually set the whole building burning and the people outside started to gossip about Yuki's possible suicide. Hitara couldn't bear seeing his daughter being slandered after her death and lied, saying that he'd killed Yuki.

Hitara visits Yuki's grave

Hitara visiting Yuki's grave.

During the epilogue, Hitara went to visit Yuki's grave, telling her it's a beautiful day.


Yuki dreamed of becoming an actress. After being disfigured by the Great Tokyo Earthquake, Yuki's personality changed. She had begun to hate life and her father because of her loss. This loss ended up stirring Yuki to the point she committed suicide.