Deadman Wonderland Wiki
Volume 11
Author Jinsei Kataoka
Illustrator Kazuma Kondō
Publication date September 26, 2011 (Japan)
October 13, 2015 (Viz Media)
Published by Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)
Viz Media (USA)
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-715802-3 (Japan)
ISBN 978-1421565286 (Viz Media)
Cover character(s) Ganta Igarashi
Sorae Igarashi
Publication Order
Preceded by
Volume 10
Followed by
Volume 12

Volume 11 is the eleventh volume of the Deadman Wonderland series. The Red Knife Wielder OVA was included with this volume.


Ganta and Senji head deep inside Deadman Wonderland to locate the Chorus Blocks, which are the key to unraveling Wretched Egg's mystery. However, Toto Sakagami appears, and Ganta is captured trying to protect Senji. Meanwhile, Makina discovers the diary of Ganta's mother, which contains the story of Ganta and Shiro's shocking past!

Chapter List[]

45. Past the Passion

46. Whacked Wicked

47. Sing a Sin

48. Aboveground Abortive flower