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Volume 11 Special Edition teaser
ZOMG! Kazuma Kondō posted this on his official website and it looks awesome!!!
I wanted to upload it to the wiki, but there aren't any pages I can upload it to, so I just posted it here :)


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Hi! I'm Bereisgreat. I have some experience with Wikia, so if you have any questions, you can contact me at my Talk Page.

I started reading Deadman Wonderland after seeing it as a featured series on Manga Share. I read it, and kept reading it and loved it! As I was a regular Wikia-visitor, I immediately searched after the Deadman Wonderland Wiki. Much to my despise, it had close to nothing on it (about 12 pages or something). After a while, I decided to take it under my wing (that was in December 2010). Of course, like everyone, I was super-excited about the anime coming out, and with that, the visitor and editor rate increased. And look at it now, all the work I have put in the wiki finally blooms and this wiki is something to be proud of! Thanks to all the contributors and visitors for their support. Oh, and also thanks to EnlgishDWfan, for becoming my fellow-admin.

Also check out the Zombiepowder. Wiki, the Yozakura Quartet Wiki, the A Channel Wiki and the Kuroko no Basuke Wiki, from which I'm the admin of.



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