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Unnamed thugs anime
Unnamed thugs
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Killed by Tsunenaga Tamaki (Failed attempt on Ganta Igarashi's life)
First Appearance
Anime debut Episode 1

These unnamed thugs were prisoners at Deadman Wonderland


The three are rude, disrespectful and barbaric individuals.


Prison Arc[]

They arrived at Deadman Wonderland the same day as Ganta Igarashi, on the same prison bus.[1] They are present during Warden Makina's briefing. She asks the new prisoners if they have any questions and the black haired thug asks what size bra she wears, Makina replies that she's a "G" cup. Later, they harassed Ganta when he first arrives at the prison. They are killed in a failed attempt by Tsunenaga Tamaki to take Ganta's life.


  • They took the place of Kōzuji's thugs' first appearance in the anime series.
  • In the manga, these aren't the same characters that arrive at Deadman Wonderland with Ganta and ask Makina her breast size.


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