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Tongue and Every Day
Chapter 22
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Chapter 22
Appears in Volume 6
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Tongue and Every Day is the twenty-second chapter of the Deadman Wonderland manga.


The chapter opens with Shiro scavenging for candy in a destroyed room and wonders where her grandfather (The Director) is, not knowing that Wretched Egg (her second personality) had killed him.

Elsewhere in G Ward, seven days after the mass prison break, a few guards discuss previously mentioned events, as well as mention Ganta's peculiar mark on his chest. Later, they release Ganta, who was placed in solitary confinement and had his sentence lengthened for refusing to reveal information about Scar Chain escapees.

During the prison recess, a number of inmates watch a news report, related to the leaked information and footage about Deadmen. According to one of the doctors giving the interview, the patients with strange abilities never showed up for their exams and suddenly disappeared. A security guard interrupts the agitated prisoners and orders them to line up for examination. In order to prevent chaos and panic in the prison, Makina orders her staff to cut off television and internet connection to all the wards and uses this opportunity to restore order to the prison and expose Tsunenaga Tamaki.

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