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Shinagawa Dokoku anime
Shinagawa Dōkoku
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Killed by Kiyomasa Senji
Age Mid 20s
Occupation Undertaker (2nd squad assistant leader)
Affiliations Deadman Wonderland
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 16
Anime debut Episode 10
Japanese Unknown
English Scott Freeman

Shinagawa Dōkoku (品川 童黒, Shinagawa Dōkoku) was an Undertaker and the vice-leader of the former second squad. He was partnered with Mōzuri Gazuchi.


Shinagawa past

Shinagawa trying to get to his closet.

At some point in the past, Shinagawa became a serial killer with a preference for women. When they caught him, he eagerly tried to get to his closet. When they opened it, they found clothes made from the black hair and scalps of women. He was sentenced and taken to Deadman Wonderland, where he was recruited into the Undertakers.


Shinagawa is very gaunt and flexible. He has a narrow face, with a long and pointy nose. His pupils are also very narrow. He has a very long and snake-like tongue. His clothes resemble a smoking with green decorations. He wears a black cap.


Scar Chain Arc[]

Senji kills Mozuri and Shinagawa anime

Senji killing Shinagawa.

He was taken with Bundō Rokuro to Scar Chain's base and was then ordered, together with Mōzuri Gazuchi, to kill Ganta Igarashi. Just as he is about to attack Ganta, Kiyosasa Senji appears and kills him and Mōzuri instantly