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Scar Chain vs Undertakers (2nd round)
Placeholder person
Part of Deadman mass prison break
Place Undertakers Base
Outcome Scar Chain defeats The Undertakers
Deadmen Nagi Kengamine
Hagire Rinichirō (Toto Sakigami)
Scar Chain Ganta Igarashi
Karako Koshio
Undertakers Azuma Genkaku
Hibana Daida
Undertaker Foot Soldiers
Abilities used
Ganta Gun
Fists of Blood
Owl's Eyeball

Scar Chain vs Undertakers was the last significant battle in the Deadman mass prison break.


After the first attempt to escape Deadman Wonderland failed, Ganta Igarashi, seeing so many of his comrades die, desperately goes in search of Senji's help in order to learn how to use Supersonic version of his Branch of Sin so that he can fight against the Undertakers and their Worm Eaters. After many failed attempts, Ganta, by accident, makes his bullet slimmer and smaller due to lack of blood and finally achieves Supersonic speed. Right after that, Azuma Genkaku broadcasts a live stream to all of Scar Chain members in order to provoke them into rescuing Karako and Shiro, who have been taken hostage.