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For all of our scars, for all of our freedoms, we will fight our mutual enemy, to sever the chains that binds us.

—Scar Chain's yell

The reason Scar Chain is fighting towards the destruction of Deadman Wonderland, is for the sake of "freedom".

—Nagi Kengamine

Scar Chain anime

The head commanders of Scar Chain.

Scar Chain (自由の鎖 (スカーチェイン), Sukā Chein; Japanese for "Chains of Freedom", sometimes called Skull Chain) were a group of Deadmen that opposed the prison and planned to leak the truth to the rest of the world. They believe in each individual's own personal definition of freedom. They were lead by the Deadman Owl (real name Nagi Kengamine). His second-in-command is Karako Koshio, also known as Game Fowl, who secretly loves Owl and fights for his sake.

They set up an operation to escape Deadman Wonderland, but in the end, only a few members of Scar Chain escape.


Scar Chain
Nagi Kengamine anime Karako Koshio anime Rokuro Bundo anime Ganta Igarashi

Nagi Kengamine


Karako Koshio

(Assistant Leader)

Bundō Rokuro

(Chief Intelligence)

Ganta Igarashi
Kosugi Komoto Harumi Wakabayashi
Kosugi Kōmoto Miya Wakabayashi
Ueshima Miyako Scar Chain member 4 Scar Chain member 6
Ueshima Miyako Kazu Fujiyoshi
Scar Chain member 1 Scar Chain member 2 Scar Chain member 3 Scar Chain member 5
Endō Ohara Yamazaki Akiyama
Scar Chain member 7 Scar Chain member 8
Ōshima Unnamed Deadman 1