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Goal Operation Mother Gizmo-Reinforcement

The goal of the operation visualized.

Operation Mother-Gizmo Reinforcement is an operation set up by Makina and Karako. Its goal is to infiltrate Deadman Wonderland and set the Mother Goose System to maximum. By doing this, the Wretched Egg will be completely sealed away.


Early stages[]

Makina first talked about the plan at the meeting of the government's Deadman Wonderland task force office about the failed previous mission. She persuaded them to let her do this plan. All of the Deadmen were searched and gathered by Karako Koshio. She invited them to go along with the mission. The Deadmen were then briefed on the mission by Makina. She told them about the recent and past earthquake and about the Wretched Egg and Hagire Rinichirō. She asked them to help defeat these two. Most of the Deadmen refused, but Karako was able to pursue the main Deadmen and a handful of others. They arranged a meeting at Kisarazu Port, at dock 4, in five days.


Infiltration team[]

Infiltration team

The Deadmen start the operation.

from Deadman Wonderland inhabitants Staff

from Regular prisoners

from Deadmen in G Ward

from Scar Chain

from DW Special Hunting Force


Opposing team[]