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Necro Macro

The Necro Macro

The Necro Macro was a robot built in Deadman Wonderland. It was used for battling and capturing powerful prisoners, such as the Deadmen. Yō Takami referred to it as a Crowd Control Robot.[1]


Four years ago, the Necro Macro was used to capture a rampaging Crow. It succeeded in capturing him, but killed twenty-four other prisoners in the process. Due to the death of non-deathrow inmates, the necro macro was supposed to never be used again.


Necro Macro firing

The Necro Macro charging his laser.

The Necro Macro is highly agile and has a powerful cannon and missiles. Its weak point is the visible wires around its neck. When one of those wires is ripped off, there will be a small short circuit.

Necro Macro

Necro Macro

There are several Necro Macro versions with each different features. The ones seen are the Necro Macro with a spraying device that spits acid (as seen during the Deadman mass prison break). The DW Special Hunting Force (Makina and her underlings) also developed their own Necro Macro that they used in the fight against the Forgeries and against the Wretched Egg.

In the bonus pages of volume 2, the working and the insides of the Necro Macro were revealed.


Deadman Arc[]

The Necro Macro is used to capture Ganta Igarashi. It quickly found Ganta, who was accompanied by Yō Takami and Shiro. They got away by climbing into a ventilation-shaft. The Necro Macro followed them and was about to fire at Ganta when Yō ripped off one of the wires around its neck, causing the Necro Macro having a short circuit. It recovered and stopped the group again at the entrance of G Ward. It was about to fire its cannon at Ganta and the others when Shiro kicked the robot and sent it flying. It came back and grabbed Shiro, but strings of blood came from the entrance and destroyed the Necro Macro. It appears that Senji Kiyomasa broke out and saved Ganta, to get even with Necro Macro for their previous battle.

Scar Chain Arc[]

During the Deadman mass prison break, a second Necro Macro was present after the main group of Scar Chain triggered the floor sensors on their way to the elevator. This model was able to spit highly corrosive acid. As the group ran, the Necro Macro spat a large amount of acid on Kōmoto which quickly burned through his clothes, skin, and tissue alike. As the other members watched in fear, Necro Macro proceeded to run over Kōmoto, ending his life. While the other members escaped, Karako stayed behind to keep the Necro Macro from pursuing. She used her branch of sin both as body armor against the acid and to coat her fist, destroying Necro Macro with a single punch.


  • In an omake chapter, Tsunenaga Tamaki made an attempt to sell little Necro Macro remote-controlled action robots. This, however, did not work because all the robots didn't sell and they were returned to Deadman Wonderland.


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