Deadman Wonderland Wiki
Nagi Kengamine vs Hibana Daida
Nagi fights Hibana
Part of Deadman mass prison break
Place Control room
Outcome Nagi defeats Hibana
Scar Chain Nagi Kengamine
Undertakers Hibana Daida
Abilities used
Owl's Eyeball

Nagi Kengamine vs Hibana Daida was the first significant battle in the Deadman mass prison break. It was also the debut of Hibana and Nagi's first on-screen fight.


Nagi talks to Hibana

Nagi talks to Hibana.

Nagi and Bundō Rokuro venture to the Deadman Wonderland control room in order to activate the elevator to allow the rest of Scar Chain to reach safety. They defeated the guards, and as Nagi was about to activate the elevator, Hibana entered the room. Deceived by her youthful appearance, Nagi asked if she was lost. As he was dealing with Hibana, Nagi asked Rokuro to activate the elevator. Rokuro refused and Nagi realized his betrayal. Meanwhile, Hibana unpacks her sword and introduces herself as the 3rd squad Undertaker leader. Nagi understands this and summons his Branch of Sin.


Nagi sends the bombs towards Hibana, but she cancels his Branch of Sin with her Worm Eater. After she explains what the Worm Eater is, Nagi attacks again, but is soon hit by Hibana. She chops off Nagi's arm, but Nagi catches her by surprise by using the blood from his dismembered arm to create Owl's Eyeball and defeats Hibana.