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Mimi's father
Mimi's father
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Family Mimi (Daughter, Deceased)
First Appearance
Manga debut None
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese Kenji Sugimura
English Jarrod Greene

Mimi's father was briefly seen in the first episode of the anime.


He has short black hair and gray eyes.


He is a very caring man, loving his daughter. He thought of Ganta and Yamakatsu as his own children and treated them as such.

His personality changed after his daughter's death. He was extremely saddened and would let his feelings be known out loud. He struck Ganta in anger while yelling at him, demanding to know why he "killed" them.


He was present in Ganta's trial for the Nagano school massacre and when Ganta resisted arrest, he and some other people from the audience attacked him when he began to freak out. He punched Ganta and witnessed the fake video footage where Ganta confessed to everything and even mentioned Mimi, his own daughter. Mimi's father shouted at Ganta that he saw Yamakatsu and Ganta as his own sons and asked him why he did it. He was soon taken away by the guards.