Gender Female
Status Deceased
Killed by Wretched Egg
Age Teens
Occupation Middle School Student
Family Father
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 1
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese Megumi Takamoto
English Lindsay Seidel

Mimi (美々, Mimi) was Ganta Igarashi's and Yamakatsu's school friend. She was killed during the Nagano school massacre by the Red Man. Ganta had a slight crush on Mimi.


Mimi had been friends with Yamakatsu and Ganta for a long time. She is seen hanging out with them after school one day in chapter 4. Ganta and Yamakatsu want ice cream from the "Hayashinaga" ice cream stand. They resort to asking Mimi for money to purchase the ice cream as they were broke at the time. A year before the start of the series, Mimi and her other classmates went to a waterpark for a school trip.[1]


Ganta past 1

Mimi with Ganta and Yamakatsu.

Mimi was a happy and kind individual who cared deeply for her friends. She valued their time together no matter what it was they were doing. She was shown to be much calmer than the boys and was very polite.


Mimi had long, smooth, black hair and grey eyes. Her bangs hung just above her eyebrows. She was seen wearing her school's female uniform which consisted of a white shirt with a red ribbon tied in a shoelace knot as well as a short black skirt.


Prison Arc

Mimi is first seen greeting Ganta Igarashi in class. She asks him what he's watching on his cell phone to which he says that their class trip to Deadman Wonderland is kind of dumb. She continues to discuss their upcoming trip with Ganta and Yamakatsu. Whilst discussing their trip, Ganta's past and the Great Tokyo Earthquake, the students see a crimson man floating outside their class window. The crimson man then smashes through the walls of the classroom and slaughters every student besides Ganta. The crimson man is seen holding Mimi's severed head in his hand.


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