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Sansa Aohi
Also Known As Major Aohi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Occupation Major of the National Defense Ministry
Affiliations Deadman Wonderland (Former)
National Defense Ministry
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 14
Anime debut Episode 10
Japanese Hiroto Kazuki
English Greg Dulcie

Major Aohi is a major of the National Defense Ministry. He assisted Tsunenaga Tamaki in creating the Forgeries.


Aohi is a bald man, always seen in his military uniform. His military uniform is dark blue with gold studs, with his insignia of major sewed to his shoulders. His face is rather rough, giving him a muscle-head look.


He is a corrupt military major. He overlooks Tamaki's illegal acts, in exchange for the production of, in his eyes, super-soldiers, the Forgeries.


Scar Chain Arc[]

He first appears with the inspection team, arriving at Deadman Wonderland. He goes along with the other inspectors, spectating the prison's acts. He and Tamaki went to his private room, to talk about their plan in manufacturing the Forgeries. Tamaki gives Aohi feedback about the manufacture, saying they're in the middle of researching the Nameless Worm. Aohi tells him he doesn't want uncontrollable soldiers, to which Tamaki replies that he can't back down now. Aohi concludes by saying that the budget stays the same.

Forgeries Arc[]

Aohi appears speaking to Tamaki on the phone regarding the recent leak of Deadman information to the public.

Return to Deadman Wonderland Arc[]

Sometime after Deadman Wonderland was shut down, Major Aohi allowed Makina to use his submarine Walfisch in exchange that she doesn't tell her superiors about his cooperation with Tamaki. Makina also had Aohi pay to have the inside remodeled.