Deadman Wonderland Wiki
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family Azami Midō (Former Caretaker)
Yō Takami (Current Caretaker)
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 23

Kincho is Azami Midō's former pet armadillo.


Kincho is a happy individual and cares about his owner, Azami.


Forgeries Arc[]

Kincho was first seen alongside Azami, practicing hoop jumping for Deadman Wonderlands circus. He was saved by Ganta when the other inmates used him as a ball. Azami heads to the nurse's office and Ganta agrees to watch Kincho for her.

Revolt Arc[]

Kincho is seen with Yō Takami, fleeing G Ward during Kiwako Makina's attack on Tsunenaga Tamaki. Kincho leaps out of Yō's arms and runs off. He ends up finding Azami, deceased from her battle with the Wretched Egg. Kincho was later seen with Yō, mourning the loss of those in Operation Ende Fist.

As people are being moved out of Deadman Wonderland due to its eventual closure, Kincho is seen sitting on Yō's shoulder at the beginning of the arc as the deadmen discuss Ganta and the Wretched Egg.

Return to Deadman Wonderland Arc[]

Kincho tags along with Yō to go see his sister in her new prison. Kincho accompanies Yō on his return to Deadman Wonderland during Operation Mother-Gizmo Reinforcement.


In the epilogue, Kincho is seen with Yō doing work and accidentally presses a button on his laptop that messes with his stocks.