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Keigo Ugachi OVA
Keigo Ugachi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Branch of Sin Wire Lyre
Occupation Chairman of Goreless Peace (Former)
Affiliations Goreless Peace
First Appearance
Anime debut Red Knife Wielder
Japanese Kishō Taniyama
English Jerry Jewell

Keigo Ugachi (穿啓伍, Ugachi Keigo) is an OVA-exclusive character and the former Chairman of Goreless Peace.


At some point in the past, Ugachi joined Goreless Peace, a local mafia gang, and became their chairman. Goreless Peace claim to be protectors.

Keigo tries to get Senji Kiyomasa to join his gang, but Senji refuses. Keigo is infuriated by this and commences an attack on Senji's friends, killing Izuru and Hinata. Senji then goes after him and eventually is trapped in his Branch of Sin. Senji attempted to get free, only to be caught once again. Domon then entered to assist Senji, but Keigo trapped him as well, wounded him critically in the process. Angered by this, Senji manages to extend his Crow Claw and stabs Keigo through the chest. Keigo tells Senji to finish him off, which Senji is glad to comply with, however, Domon interrupts, telling Senji that he cannot kill Keigo as then he'd be no better than him. Senji raises his Crow Claw to bring down on Keigo, but stops at the last second as he notices that Keigo fearfully flinched. Senji passes out, and Keigo is arrested.


Keigo is normally seen wearing a white suit with a black shirt, in his breast pocket a black handkerchief. He also has a short crop of spiky white hair.


Keigo talks a lot about sound, mentioning that the world sounds "cacophonic" or harsh-sounding. He prefers no sound, silence. He also mentions this when Senji is about to kill him, that he wants Senji to send him to a place of no sound. Keigo wants to "retune" the world and will even kill to do so.


Superb Speed:  Keigo was an incredibly fast individual that he was able to completely get past Senji's defenses and within hearing distance of his heart before he could react.

Special Hearing (Possibly): He was able to tell that Senji had a Branch of Sin just by listening to his heart and comparing it with the sound his own makes.

Branch of Sin: Keigo has been infected with the Nameless Worm and gained the ability to freely move his blood out of his body.

Branch of Sin: Wire Lyre: Wire Lyre is a web consisting out of blood that can entangle and even severely injure his opponents.