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Kashima Toraichi
Kashima Toraichi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Occupation Ex-Defense Force Soldier
Affiliations Defense Force (Former)
Deadman Wonderland Special Hunting Force
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 29
Anime debut Episode One Credits

Kashima Toraichi is an ex-Defense Force soldier and an acquaintance of Makina. He assisted Makina in overthrowing Tamaki and destroying Deadman Wonderland. He is an expert in gun-handling.


Makina past

Kashima in the Special Forces.

Sometime in the past, Kashima joined the Special Forces. He befriended Ekō Kaidō, Makina and Bonbu.


Kashima is a short individual. He has light brown hair that stands upwards, held together with a sweatband. He has tattoos on his arms and face that make him look like a tiger. When he was still in the Special Forces, he didn't have these tattoos yet. He wears a regular shirt with light pants and a wide black belt. He also has a metal prosthetic left leg.


Kashima has a macho-attitude and has a high opinion about himself. He often laughs in an evil manner ("Kya kya kya"). He enjoys fighting and killing. He also reacts violently when Bonbu says something stupid or mean, to which Bonbu always replies with "I see…". As an ex-soldier, Kashima can be calm and collected.


Revolt Arc[]

Kashima is first seen driving alongside Bonbu and Ekō, delivering equipment to Makina at Deadman Wonderland. Later, as a test, he and Bonbu attack Makina. After the scuffle, Makina states that they are now members of the Deadman Wonderland Special Hunting Force and that they'll move once their route has been decided upon.

He is again seen, later on, waiting for Makina to come up with a route. He is also present during Makina's speech to the Deadman Wonderland guards. He later assists Makina in her fight against the Forgeries. We soon see him assisting in the attack on Tsunenaga Tamaki.

Later, Kashima is seen in a hospital with Ekō and Bonbu discussing the operation.


After a short time skip, Kashima is seen alongside Makina, Bonbu and Kasuga Kyōko training a group of soldiers.