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Izuru profile
Izuru Tsukiyoshi
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Killed by Goreless Peace
Age Unknown
First Appearance
Anime debut Red Knife Wielder
Japanese Fuyuka Ōura
English Lara Woodhull

Izuru Tsukiyoshi (月吉イズル) was an orphan in the OVA: Red Knife Wielder.


He is first seen running from two members of Goreless Peace with a bag of trinkets he was planning to use to help the orphanage. The thugs were about to do him harm until Kiyomasa Senji stepped in and saved him with his Branch of Sin, scaring the thugs off. Senji walks Izuru back to the orphanage where Hinata reprimands him for his reckless behavior. He was later slaughtered along with Hinata by Goreless Peace when the orphanage was burned down, which devastates Senji.


Izuru had somewhat long, messy brown hair and gray eyes. Izuru had a plus-shaped scar under his right eye. He wore a black T-shirt underneath an open, yellow vest-like shirt.


Izuru was usually a happy and confident boy, always enjoying life and doing what he can to help around the orphanage. While a good kid, he was also rather reckless especially when he stole priceless trinkets from the Goreless Peace (due to them stealing all the rations). Though a child, Izuru has quite the mouth as seen when he was cursing at the Goreless Peace thugs. He looks up to Senji and wants to become just like him.