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Goreless Peace Gang Members

Members of the gang.

Goreless Peace was a gang in Tokyo, Japan that appeared after the Great Tokyo Earthquake. They weren't the only gang around though they were considered to be the worst. The gang claims they are protectors though, according to others, all they do is harass people.


Goreless Peace was formed in Tokyo, Japan sometime after the Great Tokyo Earthquake. They soon became regarded as the worst gang around. At some point, Keigo Ugachi was appointed chairman of the organization.

In the anime, two thugs are seen chasing Izuru Tsukiyoshi after he stole from them. According to Izuru, he only took the stuff because Goreless Peace has been taking all the rations. As they're about to do Izuru harm, Kiyomasa Senji, a police officer, appears and cuts one of them down with a large red blade. The other thug takes his injured gangmate and flees. Senji brings Izuru back to Hinata's orphanage and five members of the gang watch from afar. Later that night, multiple members of the gang show up in front of Senji alongside Keigo Ugachi. Ugachi offers Senji a place in Goreless Peace, asking him to help him retune the world. Ugachi is later seen speaking to Ikazuchi Akatsuki over the phone regarding Senji's eventual recruitment.

Goreless Peace later set fire to Hinata's orphanage, killing most, if not everyone inside as a way to bring Senji to their side. Ikazuchi watched from afar as Senji showed up to the scene. Senji soon shows up to the gangs base to meet with Ugachi. Senji begins a battle with Ugachi while Domon, Akira Shindō, Tōshirō Kan and Momoi hold off the other, lower members of the gang. Senji ends up defeating Ugachi but allows him to live due to Domon's words. Ugachi is soon arrested. Somewhere else, Ikazuchi wonders if Senji will stand against or beside him one day.


Ikazuchi Akatsuki[]

Ikaduchi Akatsiki

Akatsuki was a higher-up member of Goreless Peace who was responsible for the death of Kiyomasa Senji's sensei, Domon.

Keigo Ugachi[]

Keigo Ugachi OVA

Keigo Ugachi was the chairman of the organization. He was defeated by Senji and arrested.

Members' Appearance[]

Regular members wore black suits. They kept their dress shirts unbuttoned and the color of the undershirt varied between members. Keigo, as the chairman of the group, wore a white suit. Their gang's symbol is a red spider and they each wear this symbol on their person.