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An ordinary Forgery.

Forgeries (also known as Ninbens in the Viz Media translation) are artificial Deadmen. They were created by Tsunenaga Tamaki in his plan to kill the Wretched Egg. They wear masks that hypnotize them into obeying Tamaki's orders. The masks likely accomplish this by electrically stimulating the nucleus accumbens, a major controller of pleasure and addiction in the brain. This would help explain some of the suicidal obedience that Forgeries exhibited, as experiments with rats in the 1950's showed that they preferred the stimulation over even food and water and when the stimulation was left to their control, they all perished from exhaustion. The Forgeries also obtain a special Branch of Sin mixed with a unique poison, called Snake, that was designed as an anti-Wretched Egg Branch of Sin. It's unclear how Tamaki gave them powers without Deadman worms, but the most likely theory is that he studied what the worms did to the human body and copied it.

Tamaki's Forgery project was funded by Major Aohi.

Notable Forgeries[]

Shishito Madoka Ikaduchi Akatsiki Ichi and Hajime Mikawa Uzume Sumeragi Azami Mido
Shishito Madoka Ikazuchi Akatsuki Ichi and Hajime Mikawa Uzume Sumeragi Azami Midō



Azami's Snake

All Forgeries seem to be exceptionally good at fighting, from hand-to-hand combat to the smooth movements of their Branch of Sin.

Branch of Sin: Snake: Their Branch of Sin is possibly one of the most dangerous. At the slightest touch, their Branch of Sin will infect the victim's body with a terrible virus that spreads through the body within seconds and destroys their body painfully.

Complete Forgeries[]

Complete forgeries

The complete forgeries first unit.

Complete Forgeries are Forgeries who have an advanced version of the Snake poison in their Branch of Sin. They also have a personalized Branch of Sin, whereas the regular Forgeries all utilized the same one. The Complete Forgeries have dart-like receivers, which act like other Forgeries' masks, implanted into their bodies usually around the head or neck (two on either cheekbone in Uzume Sumeragi, two on both temples in the case of Ikazuchi Akatsuki, and one on either cheek of Ichi and Hajime Mikawa). The darts are likely an evolution of this technology and interface with the brain directly (probably through the nervous system), so Tamaki's control is even more absolute. They are collected in the first unit and were said to be even stronger than a Deadman.