Deadman Wonderland Wiki
Scar Chain member 1
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Branch of Sin Unnamed
Occupation Factory Owner
Family Wife
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 12
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Kozo Dozaka
English Christopher R. Sabat

Endō is a Deadman and a former member of Scar Chain. He was one of the few escapees during the Deadman mass prison break.


Endō mentions that he owns a factory.[1] At some point in the past, Endō was imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. Later, he joins a resistance faction within the prison known as Scar Chain.


Endō is a tall and rather buff man. His skin is tanned and he has black, short hair. He's always seen with bandages around his head and bruises on his face.


Like other members of Scar Chain, Endō is a kind individual prone to cracking jokes with his friends. Endō is also married and appears to have a healthy relationship with his wife as when other members of Scar Chain jokingly stated that his wife may have cheated on him while he was in prison, he says that that's impossible. Endō is quick to attack those who hurt his comrades.


Scar Chain Arc[]

Endō participates in the Deadman mass prison break. When Azuma Genkaku and Undertaker footsoldiers ambush him and other members of Scar Chain, he engages them in battle. When Mōzuri Gazuchi tells Genkaku that it's time to leave, Endō is one of the survivors. Later, during Bundō Rokuro's attack on Scar Chain, Endō was present. When Kiyomasa Senji shows up and kills Mōzuri Gazuchi and Shinagawa Dōkoku, Scar Chain finishes the Undertakers off. He and the others beat information out of Bundō and then head off. Later, on their second attempt, Endō manages to escape the prison with the other survivors.


Branch of Sin: Endō is a Deadman, so he can freely move his blood out of his body.

Unknown Branch of Sin

Endō's Branch of Sin in action.

Branch of Sin: Unnamed Branch: Endō's Branch of Sin is manifested in spears of blood. He can summon these spears in action and throw them at the opponent. Its effect is yet to be seen, because Endō's Branch was neutralized by the Worm Eater before it could hit its target.

Differences between Manga and Anime[]

There is a scene that slightly differs from the manga scene:

In the anime, when Kazu ponders how he's going to get by on the outside, Endō tells him he can work at his factory. Ueshima says that he should tag along and see Endō's wife he's always talking about. Endō tells him not to blame him if he falls in love and Yamazaki asks "what if she falls in love with Ueshima?" Endō responds "If my wife's stepping out, it's going to be with a hotter guy than him".


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