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Deadman Wonderland Up
Light novel
Author Akira Mutsuzuka
Publication date April 28th
Published by Kadokawa
ISBN 978-4044707248
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Deadman Wonderland Down

Deadman Wonderland Up (デッドマン・ワンダーランド 上) is the first novel of the Deadman Wonderland series. The book is 265 pages long.


The Great Tokyo Earthquake. Ten years ago, it destroyed lives as it tore buildings asunder. Among those who lived through the disaster was Ganta Igarashi, now a middle school student finally getting a footing in his own life... that is, until the day the 'Red Man' appears at his school and turns his world upside down again. Ganta's entire class is brutally murdered, and although innocent of the crime, Ganta is sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre prison known as 'Deadman Wonderland'. There, a brutal game of survival begins, where Ganta must discover the truth behind his classmates' murder. Can Ganta break out of Deadman Wonderland... or will it break him first?