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This is the article about the episode of the anime Deadman Wonderland, if you are looking for Senji Kiyomasa's Branch of Sin, click here.
Crow Claw
Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Kanji クロウ・クロウ
Romaji Kurō Kurō
Air date May 7, 2011
Written by Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by Kōichirō Hatsumi
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Crow Claw (クロウ・クロウ, Kurō Kurō) is the fourth episode of the Deadman Wonderland anime series.

Ganta and Senji first meet and Ganta learns about the Branch of Sin. Tamaki forces Ganta to look at the horrors of the Carnival Corpse, while Makina attempts to see the director.


Believing him to be the Red Man, Ganta attacks the strange inmate, known as Senji "Crow" Kiyomasa, but falls at a disadvantage against the blades he can form with his blood. After learning the nature of his power, The Branches of Sin, Ganta launches a counterattack, though soon realizes he is not the Wretched Egg, but one of several 'Deadmen' with the 'same' power. Crow tries to attack Ganta again, but finds himself weak against Shiro before a special unit appears, tranquilizing Ganta and Crow and taking Shiro and to an empty corridor. As Ganta is examined, he comes face to face with Tamaki, who reveals he rigged Ganta's jury verdict to get him sent to Deadman Wonderland before revealing Ganta will face off against Crow in a battle the next day, tempting him with the prospect of coming face to face with Wretched Egg. As Ganta is tortured with footage of what a Corpse Carnival entails, Makina decides to confront the director concerning the mysteries of G-Block.

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  • The torture scene in this episode seems to be influenced by Stanley Kubrick's 1971 movie "A Clockwork Orange". In that movie, teenage thug Alex (the protagonist) is shown wearing a very similar equipment on his head, while he is shown scenes of extreme violence in order to "cure" him.