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This is the article about the episode of the anime Deadman Wonderland, if you are looking for the organization Scar Chain, click here.
Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain)
Episode 8
Season 1, Episode 8
Kanji 自由の鎖 (スカーチェイン)
Romaji Jiyū no Kusari (Sukāchein)
Air date June 4, 2011
Written by Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by Kōichirō Hatsumi
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Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain) (自由の鎖 (スカーチェイン), Jiyū no Kusari (Sukāchein)) is the eighth episode of the Deadman Wonderland anime series.

Ganta Igarashi joins Scar Chain, Senji Kiyomasa tells Ganta about Nagi's past, Rokuro is revealed to be a traitor and the prison break begins.


Ganta is saved by the arrival of Shiro, who is back under control by the lullaby, to which Genkaku decides to retreat. Afterward, Ganta is introduced to the other members of Scar Chain, who are plotting to expose Deadman Wonderland's secrets on inspection week, while Makina also plans to take advantage of to find out what secrets are being hidden from her. However, Ganta becomes a little distrustful when his claims of his Branches of Sin being stopped by Genkaku differ from what the security cameras show and takes his leave. Ganta later learns from Crow about how Genkaku killed Nagi's wife, later hearing from Nagi about how each member of Scar Chain has their own ideas of freedom. As Ganta promises to take Shiro on a Ferris wheel when they escape someday, it is shown that one of Scar Chain's members, Bundō Rokuro, is a double agent for the Undertakers. Ganta decides to join Scar Chain, who begin their operation to leak information about the Deadmen to the outside world. As Nagi and Rokuro go to the security room, Ganta and the others are chased by an acid-spewing Necro Macros, to which Karako opts to stay behind to save the others.

Characters in order of appearance[]

  • Hibana Daida
  • Shiro
  • Genkaku
  • Nagi
  • Bundo Rokuro
  • Makina