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Cast Card

A Cast Card being used.

Cast Points (often abbreviated as CP) were the currency used in Deadman Wonderland, kept in cards called Cast Cards, similar to a debit card. As the currency, CP are required for everything from food, to clothing, to Candy. Unlike debit cards, Cast Cards require only a quick scan to be read. A Cast Card belongs to the standard equipment for any prisoner in Deadman Wonderland. Cast Points cannot be used to get an early release for the prisoners in G-block. Cast Points can be won/earned by participating in prison attractions like the Dog Race Show and Carnival Corpse as well as being earned by working in the prison, though the salaries from jobs and prizes from normal attractions aren't enough to normally sustain inmates as Candy costs 100000 cast points. Points can also be obtained by working for or bribing prison guards.

One CP = ¥1 = $0.0127 = €0.0102