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Carnival Corpse

The Carnival Corpse's logo.

Carnival Corpse (死肉祭, Kānibaru Kōpusu) (also referred to as Corpse Carnival or Carnival of Corpses) was a game held at Deadman Wonderland.


It is very similar to the gladiator battles that took place in the colosseum in Rome. The similarity is the sick, brutal battles that are viewed upon as entertainment. In this case, the gladiators are Deadmen, and before each battle, the viewers take bets on who will win.

The names of the participants are changed to aliases, after birds. For example, Ganta was granted the title Woodpecker, Minatsuki was given the title Hummingbird, Toto has the title Mockingbird, and so on. Every alias hints to an ability or character-trait of the Deadman.


Owl vs. his Wife[]

Owl vs lover

Nagi throws the battle.

Sometime in the past, Owl had to battle his wife, who was also a Deadman. Since she was carrying a child, he couldn't bear to injure her and lost on purpose. Owl made a deal with Tamaki that if he went down, there weren't going to be any consequences for his wife. Tamaki didn't keep that promise and ordered Azuma Genkaku to murder Owl's wife while Tamaki experimented on her unborn child. Upon finding out about those things, Owl went on a rampage where he killed 22 Undertakers.

Woodpecker vs Crow[]

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Woodpecker vs Hummingbird[]

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Unknown Deadman vs. Azami Midō[]


Azami attacks the Deadman.

Deadmen vs. Forgeries[]


Carnival Corpse trophee anime

The Carnival Corpse trophy.

The loser of the battle, if still alive, would face a Penalty Game. He or she is sent to a special room where a slot machine decides what will be removed from the loser's body. There are several variations to what the doctors like Rei Takashima can remove, ranging from organs to limbs and even hair. The loser is forced to undergo this with no anesthetics involved and is broadcast before the prison.

Known Deadmen who underwent this are Nagi (lost his vocal cords), Senji (lost his right eye) and Minatsuki (lost a part of her stomach, kidney and hair).

The winner is granted a check for 1,000,000 Cast Points, Candy and a trophy.