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Example of a Branch of Sin.

The Branch of Sin (罪の枝, Tsumi no Eda) is the ability to control and freely move your own blood. The Branch of Sin is mostly used as a weapon and can form into various objects. This power was created by the Nameless Worm carried by the Red Diamond. People who have a Branch of Sin are known as Deadmen and are confined in the G-Sector of Deadman Wonderland and are used for a show known as the Carnival Corpse. The very first Branch of Sin created, belongs to the Wretched Egg, and she is also the first Deadman.

The Branch of Sin was manufactured on accident by Sorae Igarashi and Hagire Rinichirō.

List of Branches of Sin

Image Name Description Owner
Ganta Gun 2.png Ganta Gun A bullet made of blood that can be fired Ganta Igarashi
Shiro's roots 2.PNG Original Sin/Roots A wire of hexagons, able to slice anything Shiro and the Wretched Egg
Senji's Branch of Sin.PNG Crow Claw Scythes that can emerge from any part of the body, usually from his forearms Senji Kiyomasa
Whip Wing.png Whip Wing Blood whips that can move very fast Minatsuki
Peacock Peak.jpg Peacock Peak Sharp, bramble-like constructions Chaplin Sukegawa
Condor Candle.png Condor Candle Blood that can be set on fire at command Idaki Hitara
Owl's eye.jpg Owl's Eyeball Bombs made of blood that can float freely and be triggered on command Nagi Kengamine
Fists of Blood normal.png Fists of Blood Blood that covers her body, protecting and enforcing it Karako Koshio
Rokuro.jpg Unnamed Branch A blood shield Bundō Rokuro
Blood Nets.PNG Unnamed Branch Giant nets of blood that can be attached to anything Yamazaki
Miya Branch of Sin.png Unnamed Branch Circles of blood that can be fired Miya
Ueshima Branch of Sin.png Unnamed Branch Bear traps of blood that can be fired Ueshima
Unknown Branch of Sin.png Unnamed Branch Spear of blood Endō
Hagire's Branch of Sin.png Unnamed Branch Energy blasts of blood Hagire Rinichirō
Branch of Sin Mace.PNG Unnamed Branch Forms a spiked mace around each hand Unnamed Deadman
Mitsuzaki Branch of Sin4.jpg Unnamed Branch A dome-shaped shield of blood Mitsuzaki Yosuga
Love Labyrinth.png Love☆Labyrinth The ability to copy every Branch of Sin, by simply tasting its blood Toto Sakigami
Hollow Swallow.png Hollow Swallow Establishes connections with minds and machines Chan and En
Wire Lyre.png Wire Lyre Web of blood that can entangle and even severely injure the user's opponents Keigo Ugachi
Image Name Description Owner
Snake.png Snake A snake of blood that, when it bites an opponent, injects poison that explodes body-parts Forgeries, Azami Midō
Rari Ranshin scorpion tail.png Rari Ranshin A scorpion tail of blood that, when it injects Ikaduchi, has poison that works as doping Ikazuchi Akatsuki
Nanairo Chōchō Plume Brume.png Nanairo Chōchō Blood with poison that makes the target hallucinate Uzume Sumeragi
Sōrin Musō.png Sōrin Musō Screw-based attacks, with a sleeping poison Ichi and Hajime Mikawa
Jūshin Shinjū Hōyō no Tsume.png Jūshin Shinjū Takes the form as claws with a poison that controls the opponent's senses Shishito Madoka



  • The name of this power refers to its origin, as the Wretched Egg represents the original sin or roots and the branches that later came from them. It also refers to how insignificant amount of power one Branch possesses compared to that of the Wretched Egg's.
  • Hagire Rinichirō (while in Toto Sakagami's body) claims that he has copied every single Branch of Sin.
  • It appears throughout the manga and anime, that when using their Branch of Sin, hexagonal plates of unknown material appear. They usually appear in the Branch of Sin itself or just floating around it. This only occurs with the actual Deadmen, not with the Forgeries.