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Beaming Beauty-badass
Chapter 33
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Chapter 33
Appears in Volume 8
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Beaming Beauty-badass is the thirty-third chapter of the Deadman Wonderland manga.


Uzume activates her Branch of Sin, and as butterflies spring from her umbrella, Chaplin and Minatsuki are taken to their past. Chaplin's flashback shows that many of his work colleagues had been gossiping about his sexuality, stating that he was gay. Chaplin then goes home to find his gay lover with a woman. It is then revealed to him that his lover was only using him for money, and wasn't actually gay. Chaplin became so angry, he had accidentally activated his Branch of Sin and killed the girl. He then ran away only to find himself back in his usual form, looking at the woman he had murdered mocking him. Minatsuki is then taken to her past as a child, having her mother braid her hair lovingly. It skips ahead to the earthquake, where Minatsuki's mother begins to stab her. A distraught Minatsuki uses her Branch of Sin to get her mother away from her. It is then revealed that Minatsuki and Chaplin are actually battling each other. Uzume reveals that her Branch of Sin makes use of hallucinogens. Minatsuki still believes that she is fighting against her mother. Minatsuki's mother explains that she was stabbing her because she loves her, and as she hugs Minatsuki lovingly, she tries to stab her in the throat, only to have Minatsuki reveal that she has no love for her mother, allowing her to escape the hallucination. Minatsuki is then attacked by Chaplin, who still believes she is fighting the woman she killed, but Minatsuki is able to stop him and free her from the hallucination. Uzume decides to activate Bleu painful, which throws many blades against the two. Minatsuki refuses to give up, giving Chaplin the strength to keep going as well. The two combine their Branch of Sin abilities and defeat Uzume.

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