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Antidote (Candy)
Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Kanji 解毒剤
Romaji Gedokuzai (Kyandi)
Air date April 23, 2011
Written by Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by Kōichirō Hatsumi
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Antidote (Candy) (解毒剤, Gedokuzai (Kyandi)) is the second episode of the Deadman Wonderland anime series.

tells Ganta about Cast Points and Candy. Ganta then decides to enter a dog race show with Shiro and other prisoners. In the race's final stage, Ganta and Shiro face Kōzuji Kazumasa. Ganta ends up saving Shiro from death which results in the race having no victor.


Ganta learns from a fellow inmate, Yō Takami, that in order to have a decent meal in the prison, he needs to earn Cast Points. He learns of a 'Dog Race' in which he can win a big prize. He and Shiro decide to enter the race. In the locker room, they encounter a fierce inmate named Kōzuji Kazumasa who drives fear into the others until the warden silences him. Ganta soon learns that in order to avoid being killed by a poison, he needs to eat an antidote known as Candy, which was secretly stolen from his bag by Yō the other day. Ganta realizes that in order to survive, he needs to win the race in order to purchase a new one, but he soon learns the course is littered with actual death traps. Thanks in part to Shiro's innocent manner, Ganta and Shiro make it to the final stage against Kazumasa where they have to hold onto a ball and avoid falling into a spike pit. Ganta decides to stand up to Kazumasa, who eventually falls to his death. In the closing moments of the round, Ganta is forced to sacrifice the ball, and the prize money, in order to keep Shiro from falling and keep their promise of eating the runner-up prize together.

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