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Although Ganta Tries To Stop Forgeries
Chapter 31
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Chapter 31
Appears in Volume 7
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Although Ganta Tries To Stop Forgeries is the thirty-first chapter of the Deadman Wonderland manga.


Ganta is seen about to be forced to put on the forgeries mask, as the forgeries are convinced that the mask is heaven itself. Ganta is saved, however, by Shiro and Azami, much to Ganta's dismay calling them an idiot, which Shiro, in turn, calls him one as well. They are then ultimately saved by Makina, with her having a blade containing the Worm Eater. She kills the forgeries, and asks Ganta if he would join her in defeating Tamaki, to which Ganta agrees. Ganta then runs upon instructions of Makina, to rush over to the control room, where they meet the complete forgeries, Ichi and Hajime Mikawa, Ikazuchi Akatsuki, and Uzume Sumeragi, who were instructed to not let anyone pass them. They come after Ganta and friends, but then their movements are stopped by a Branch of Sin. It is revealed the person was Minatsuki Takami. She along with Chaplin Sukegawa, Idaki Hitara, and Senji Kiyomasa who have decided to help out Ganta. Shiro is seen with a smile on her face stating that Ganta is surrounded by idiots.

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