Deadman Wonderland Wiki
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Killed by Azuma Genkaku
Age Unknown
Branch of Sin Unknown
Affiliations Scar Chain
First Appearance
Manga debut Chapter 13
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese Misato Tobari
English Linda Leonard

Ōshima was a Deadman and a member of Scar Chain. She died during the Deadman mass prison break.


At some point in the past, Ōshima was imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. Later, she joins a resistance faction within the prison known as Scar Chain.


Ōshima was a large, middle-aged woman with rosy cheeks. She had brown puffy hair that reached chin level. She wore a long pink dress with brown boots. She also wore a pearl necklace around her neck.


Ōshima was a kind and quiet woman.


Scar Chain Arc[]

Ōshima did not join the first escape attempt with most of the Scar Chain members. Later, during Bundō Rokuro's attack on Scar Chain, she was present. When Kiyomasa Senji shows up and kills Mōzuri Gazuchi and Shinagawa Dōkoku, Scar Chain finishes the Undertakers off. She and the others beat information out of Bundō and then head off.

She joins the escape on a second attempt with the few remaining members. During the second attempt, she along with the other remaining members team up to rescue Karako after she is kidnapped by the Undertakers, but when Genkaku starts to rampage, she is killed by getting caught in the crossfire and is shot through her stomach and other limbs. She is last seen lying dead on the floor amongst a pile of dead Undertakers.


Branch of Sin: Ōshima was a Deadman, so she could freely move her blood out of her body, however, her personalized Branch of Sin was never shown.


Oshima defends

Oshima fights the undertakers.

Steel Bats: Ōshima used steel bats as weapons, she was seen swinging her bats and knocking out a several Undertakers, proving to have exceptional skill in its use.

Differences between Manga and Anime[]

  • Ōshima was never seen using her bats in the manga but in the anime, she was seen swinging her bats against a few Undertakers, fighting alongside Miyako and Ohara, before getting shot.